Lauren Anne Davis was born in 1986 in Cleveland, Ohio and spent most of her childhood as a modern day gypsy due to her father’s corporate position. Lauren has lived in Bay Village, Ohio; Coral Springs, Florida; Columbia, South Carolina; Avon Lake, Ohio; Cumberland, Rhode Island; and Indianapolis, Indiana. After a false start in the Nursing field Lauren earned a B.F.A  in Photography from Rhode Island College (May 2012). She holds her Masters of Fine Arts degree from The Herron School of Art and Design, Indiana University, Indianapolis.

Lauren Anne Davis currently resides in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Artist Statement

I have always been fascinated by the fact that, even in our largest attempts to become grounded in reality, we always feel a craving for escape, for nostalgia, for fairy tales, for the dreams of childhood, and our most desired fantasies. A daydream can seem to happen fast and are over before we blink our eyes. When you are denied the things you want most in life you are left with nothing but a longing for or a desire for something else.
My photographs are about regret. These regrets become invisible, everyday mundane realities until they are revealed through images of landscape and still life-more specifically, through the orchard, diverging paths in forests, urban jungles, the laundry room, or kitchen. I am fascinated by how alien our own domestic spaces seem compared to the twisting branches of these natural habitats.
In reality everything is just manipulated stardust and light from a suffocating sun.

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